Thursday, July 29, 2010

You Are So Fired!

Dear little round table,
As your are well aware, you were recruited and given a specific role in the autrichenoire household earlier this year. The same was done based on promises made by yourself specifically regarding your ability to bring style, awesomeness and encapsulation of the personality of the employer that is Casa Autrichenoire.

Despite valiant efforts by the employer to repackage your assets, and build your capacity to perform as per the contract,  you have consistently failed to deliver on said promises and in particular you have not been stylish further, the tendency to shout grandmother on drugs is both disturbing and annoying.

This has forced your employer to avert their glance every time they enter the house which  is not an acceptable situation.

We duly acknowledge your potential for awesome and for that reason you shall not be terminated for the time being but take notice that you will be redeployed to another department where your talent may be put to better use.Take further notice that this is for a trial period only and failure to deliver on awesome will result in immediate termination and relegation  to the yard sale pile.

yours truly

Director decor management
Casa Autrichenoire

:-) Sorry  I could not resist....I think this area needs a long, rectangular presence. A console now whwre will I find one one in this furniture desert that is Nairobi? 


  1. Ah, you're priceless. I could write a book: Letters To My Furniture.

  2. Hahaha! I have a few similar moochers hanging around my house! Freeloaders not paying their decorating dues. To the curb, I say! ;0)

  3. Thanks nkp and Belly(a shalom for you)
    Some of these pieces just don't seem to get that they just have to sit/stand there and look pretty. written warnings are then in order;-)