Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In other news.......

 warning: many words ....many many words

I must confess that in real life,I am a lawyer not cool sounding like classically trained concert pianist but it pays the bills and if I apply my full powers  I can make grown men cry.
I am currently employed by the government and focus on ensuring the citizenry justice, fight for the down trodden and such.
When I first joined, I loved my job :- I listened to tales of woe, I empathized, I was outraged by the unfairness of it all, gave the really awful tale bearers my money and litigated like a rabid dog.
Then it got old- really old. I mean woe, despair and general misery 8-5pm, five days a week for six years? Too much and of late I have found that  I hate my job -a lot.
I thought that I had chosen the wrong career but when I caught myself thinking  "boo hoo cry me a river " in the middle of a tale of woe and admiring the villain, I found myself thinking " I admire your guts. I mean I will have to crush you to dust but i respect the attempt at villainy"
I realised that the diet of non stop misery (other peoples), stupid moves that I am expected to fix and ridiculously low pay had dried up my bleeding heart  and turned it black and crusted over . The do gooder phase is over and done and it annoys me to no end  that i am expected to fix other peoples mess and this led to the realisation that its my current job I hate  not my career .Yay!

So I have  resolved that if am going to have no soul I may as well as hang with people who approve of that kind of thing and be paid big to work for the dark side.I am going corporate.

I have a bunch of interviews lined up and this has been my week. So hello my name is Autrichenoire and I am team dark-side.
 on the plus side corporate will mean money to buy camera= better photos win-win!

Due to the fore going (see legalese coming back) my life has been these books. Now interviews are all done let us all cross fingers for me to switch teams!!!Imagine me and Darth Vader exchanging notes during  tea break.
Tasty citrussy goodness

In an unrelated  matter the citrus season is insane!the oranges are unbelievable!
I filled this basket for less than 1$ it is all am eating for now.

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  1. Way to go! Switch sides! Rooting for you from the US.