Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DIY is not for wusses and cptn kirk rules

I have a full time and demanding job in kenya that is 8-5pm five days a week.By the time i get home, supervise home work and play with the baby am just worn out.
So my home decor projects have to happen over the weekend the thing is sometimes you just want to sleep in, maybe watch some TV (read captain James T Kirk) btw i have the hots for the capt in the worst way  its ok  my husband is cool with it and after watching  the final frontier he teases me endlessly for having the hots for a fat old dude in a silly outfit -he doesn't get it. I admit not Kirk's finest moment, that was  the series but i digress.
Projects especially DIY are time consuming, taxing and cut into Kirk time and when you dont have labour saving gadgets? nightmare. This i found out while refinishing this chair 

sanding is a straight up bitch there is no other way of putting it. I was sandinng several pieces and grew muscles in one hand.The hubs is a sensible guy  he is like -just get someone to do it and am like then it wont be DIY!srsly!!!He thinks i need medication.
Covering chairs or any thing without a staple gun is a straight up bitch.
I had to hammer a gajilllion  tacks too tiny to allow a good grip and my fingers are traumatize by the hammer. who knew such a hell existed?

After suffering a lot and cursing my refusal to just get someone.....VOILA! I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!

A pretty side chair and when it is admired, i swell with pride like a ..proud parent .all injuries are forgoten or forgiven. DIY has delivered big time all is forgiven.
once again before also picture my equipment-it worked good!

I used peacock blue spray paint,a fabric scrap and hessian a little light sanding and she was done!

one more look proud parent style!

Ignore the mayhem in the living room it is a work in progress and will soon be ready for close ups! you may
 enjoy a glimpse of the gray wall painted with crown's pebble.

 (BTW I succesfully linked something!major!)

autriche says later!


  1. Love the color you choose!

    And bravo for your DIY skills.

  2. AWW...blush. Raina you really are a very nice person to be actually reading my crappy blog but thank you so much for your kindness.

  3. the colur broughtin some bold fearless "je ne sais quoi" that was lacking in the living room.