Monday, June 21, 2010

wanted : my own style

I have been rather silent of  late because starting this blog meant that i photograph (and i use the term very loosely ) my stuff and try to analyse critically-to avoid putting incoherent tripe up. This made me realise that
i need to have  a point of view a voice that rings true to me, a style i can identify as my own.So i have been on a quest of sorts to discover the true autriche .Mountains were climbed krakens fought  and i have an idea of where i want to be headed for instance my inbuilt shelves a fairly  foreign concept in these parts but  after much explanation, cursing, once even tears i got them. phew all that work and they not that fancy!


behold ! okay but i piled on everything but the kitchen sink and my eyes were like sweety... NO!
gosh taste so awful that i offended myself .
hey progress in the quest no crowded fussy piling on of stuff. simple clean that's the ticket.
not there yet but certainly (my eyes are no longer bleeding) the right direction. less stuff  way less tiny stuff and am thinking of painting the backs of the shelves a dark Grey . In the top picture i have historically important pieces such as on the top shelf the native hut poll tax levied against the natives by the colonialists to get them to need money and hence agree to provide cheap labour. this tax was a major grievance in the mau mau war waged by the locals for freedom  if only they knew freedom would involve being one of the most highly taxed countries in the world!
while at it, i also reworked my bookshelf. situated on the back of the in built with black boxes above.

its abit fuzzy ...sorry. it faces the back door opening out to the "forest" and i would love to have  seat there to read and get away from noisy children and super noisy games..... a lovely dream .look
the forest is just twenty trees planted close together and is lovelley  sigh.
i am now back to the quest  and will report back soon.

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