Friday, September 3, 2010

Well, This Is Embarrassing.......

 We (Kenya) let in a mass murderer and even fed him lunch!!!!
If you have heard of Darfur and South Sudan, this is the man responsible for it all. Kenya a signatory of the Rome statute  in a diplomatic gaffe to end all diplomatic gaffes invited him to the adoption of  our new constitution meant to signify a break with the bad old no democracy days and the colonial shadow.
We  invited a mass murdering crazy to celebrate our  new found democracy, respect for freedom and human rights!!!
Instead of arresting the bugger and handing him over to the Hague, we fed him  lunch and let him sit in the front row with other heads of states.

Autrichenoire hangs head in shame and outrage.

In other news am suffering major decor funk and cant get any project going. What is the cure???

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