Friday, January 29, 2010


I am super shallow let me just put it out there that i should not care what people think but i do.

So stupid i know but there it is. so starting this blog is a supreme act of courage on my part( did i mention how shy i am in real life?) Anyway since my readers will be myself, the hubby and maybe my sisters if i threaten to publish photos of " the not so cute years", it's not so bad.

I love blogs i have wanted to start one for a year but courage failed me but here i am cannon ball into the deep end- oh wait i dont know how to swim-glurg!

So the blog is about stuff i love; decor,food, the process of turning a rundown cottage into a home.

(really about my fondness of talking about me diguised as those other things)

alrighty then tough part is done, i off to learn how to work photos into this thing.

I' BE BACK!(say it like terminator)

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